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Student Leadership Team
Meet the creative leaders of tomorrow!

We strive to create limitless progression for our students’ growth. Our Music4Change® Student Leadership Team, aka the “Band-Aids”, is a shining example.

Members of this team are role models involved in private lessons and band ensembles. Once selected to join through an application process, Band-Aids are invited to attend monthly retreats, professional development, food potlucks, art projects, and other collaborative efforts.

Monthly retreats prepare the Band-Aids for futures in the music industry by training them to assist our faculty during summer camps and performances. Our training develops their discipline for music education and offers community service opportunities to assist at outreach events.

Active RMC students in grades 7+ are encouraged to join the Band-Aids!

Applications for 2020 are due on March 1, 2020.

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How can we help?

Reach out to us anytime at (619)225-9597 or via email: