School Music Programs
Music Education for Students

We provide in-school music programs to thousands of students at a reduced cost to local schools. Our tailored curriculum teaches general music concepts with instruments and singing, and ends with a final concert to teach performance skills.


What We Offer

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    Symphony Package 38-Week Program
    Six Music Components
    1. Beat/Rhythm
    2. Melody/Solfege
    3. Glee!
    4. Music/Dance
    5. Music History
    6. Instrument Families

    *In association with San Diego Music Foundation's "Guitars for Schools" Program

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    Orchestra Package 19-Week Program
    Three Music Components
    1. Beat/Rhythm
    2. Melody/Solfege
    3. Glee!
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    Chamber Package 10-Week Program
    1. Beat/Rhythm
    2. Melody/Solfege
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    Quintet Package 5-Week Program
    One Music Component


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    Solo Package 1-Hour Assembly
    Four Music Components
    1. Glee!
    2. Hands-on Instruments
    3. Music Listening
    4. Movement

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