Apply for a Needs-Based Scholarship

General Eligibility Criteria for All Scholarship Funds

Congratulations on your decision to study music and thank you for your interest in our scholarship program.

The acceptance of a scholarship award or financial assistance from RMC carries several responsibilities on the part of the student. Recipient(s) must bring a positive attitude to each lesson, demonstrate consistent attendance of 80% or higher, and give back to the community with their gift of music at community outreaches. Recipient(s) will also be required to write an essay on "What Does RMC and Music Mean to Me?" Sharing your heartfelt story helps us communicate to current and potential donors that they can and are indeed making a difference in the life of a student.

Scholarship funds may be withdrawn at any time, if, the recipient fails to meet general eligibility criteria which is expected by the instructor and RMC. The receipt of a scholarship fund does not guarantee a scholarship in the future. All scholarship fund recipients will be required to submit a signed scholarship fund contract to indicate their acceptance of the scholarship award.

The information you provide will be kept confidential and only will be used in determining tuition assistance awards. RMC believes that students who contributes something toward their lessons will value their lessons and their instructor's time more fully. Therefore, even full scholarship students are required to "pay it forward" by contributing to the Friends of RMC Scholarship Fund.

In evaluating the applicants, the committee will consider demonstrated financial need, number of children enrolled in Recreational Music Center and a commitment to learn. We require families to provide proof of income, either the most recent IRS Form 1040 or proof of assistance. Kindly allow up to two weeks for processing. After your application is reviewed by the committee, RMC will set up terms and schedule your music lessons. All awarded assistance subject to annual review. 

Thanks for submitting!