RMC's Outreach Division

Recreational Music Center (RMC) is transforming and enriching lives through music. We believe that the trajectory of a person's life can be positively altered by the effect of music, both emotionally and cognitively.

Music4Change® San Diego
What is Music4Change®?

Music4Change® is RMC's outreach division that provides and models excellence in music education in non-traditional, underserved venues. We facilitate active participation, engaged learning and meaningful connections in music to the community.

Our customized programs and events allow us to reach a wide range people groups of all demographics and ages ranges. The following programs are just a few that we have used with great success across San Diego County:

Learn how our Music Scholarship Program is transforming lives...

Learn how our Music Scholarship Program helps children bond with their foster families...

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Music4Change® holds community outreach events throughout the year. Outreach events take place in non-traditional settings such as women's shelters, non-profit partners benefiting youth, Rady Children's Hospital, service organizations for disadvantaged youth, service clubs and Assisted Living centers. 

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