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  • What is VIP tuition? 

    VIP tuition is our monthly tuition payment for all students wishing to reserve a regular weekly lesson or class time. All students that reserve a recurring weekly lesson time are enrolled in auto pay which reserves their lesson time ongoing. Each flat rate payment is charged on the 1st of the month and covers your reserved, weekly lesson for the entire calendar month. VIP tuition is a flat rate monthly tuition payment, not a per-lesson charge. All studio closures and an average number of missed lessons have been included in tuition.

  • How do I cancel my VIP tuition? 

    Long term schedule cancellations cannot be accepted verbally. Please complete a lesson termination notice at the front office. There are no cancellation charges for cancellation requests received prior to the 15th of the month. Long term cancellations submitted between the 15th – 24th of the month will be charged a $50 cancellation charge; Cancellations received after the 25th of the month will be processed for the following month or charged one month tuition in full for immediate termination. Notifying the instructor or canceling lessons on-line does not cancel the autopay or release the student from liability of payment. There are no refunds or credits given once the auto payment has processed. You will receive an email confirming your account cancellation within 7 days.

  • What happens if I am sick? 

    Please call (619) 225-9597 at your earliest convenience to notify the office of your absence. You will be given options to schedule a make-up lesson within one week of the absence based on instructor availability. Unused lessons due to illness are limited to 1 occurrence per month. Please note that unused lessons do not accumulate and do not carry over. There are no credits or refunds given for missed lessons. Students that “no show” are not eligible for a make-up. Please contact the office directly if an extended absence due to illness is expected.

    Please note: any cancellations made on-line cannot be rescheduled- this option should only be used if you do not want to schedule a make-up lesson.

  • If I can’t attend my lesson this week, will my monthly fee be adjusted? 

    No. Private music lessons are appointment based and an instructors’ time has been reserved specifically for you each week. Please keep in mind all other activities, practices and appointments when choosing a consistent time to schedule your ongoing private lesson.

  • I have a schedule conflict during my lesson this week, how do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

    Notify our office of your inability to attend at cancel@rmcsandiego.org at least 48-hours prior to your scheduled lesson. Please continue to work on your assignments. If your instructor feels it necessary, they may assign additional assignments via email until your next scheduled lesson. If you would prefer to “reschedule” your missed lesson, there will be a $15 charge made to the credit card on file to reserve an additional lesson time with an instructor (between the dates of Oct. 1st – May 31st only). This option is not guaranteed and 48-hours notice still applies.

  • I have a new weekly schedule conflict. Can I change my ongoing lesson time? 

    Yes! Please notify us as early as possible by filling out a Lesson Change Request form in the office or sending us an email at cancel@rmcsandiego.org with your new availability and lesson preferences. While every effort will be made to find a new day and time that works for you, we cannot guarantee instructor or time availability. There are no charges for long term reschedule requests, however, there are no credits or refunds given once the monthly tuition has been processed.

  • What happens if my instructor is out? 

    RMC instructors are active participants in the music scene! From time to time, RMC instructors may participate in various performances on the local as well as national level. In the event of an extended absence, students will be informed in advance and a well-qualified instructor/substitute will be assigned until the instructor returns. When an instructor is out sick, on a vacation or has an emergency, RMC will provide a well-qualified instructor/substitute to teach all scheduled lessons for that day. RMC believes that everyone can benefit from a second opinion and views a substitute instructor as a great source of feedback and a new perspective! Therefore, cancellations made by a student due to instructor absence will not be financially credited if the student chooses not to attend. If the student’s lesson is unable to be reassigned to a substitute, RMC will contact the student for additional rescheduling options.

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