Early Childhood
(Ages 0-5)

Designed to cultivate the joy of music making, our Early Childhood Music Program serves children from birth to age five, taking into account the developmental stages of every age group.


What We Offer

Music making is one of the few activities that you can do with your child that supports and enhances all aspects of their development, including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and overall literacy development. 

Pricing: All Early Childhood Classes are paid via Automatic Payments each month on the same date as when your child was enrolled.

  • NEW- ¡Aprende Cantando! Spanish Immersion Music Class (Ages 0-5)

    Students and their families will develop their music and coordination skills while being exposed to the target language (Spanish) throughout this 45 minute class. Spanish immersion will allow the students to speak and/or understand relevant Spanish Vocabulary and phrases through the practice of various topics and the use of music, movement, and repetition.

  • Musical Babies (pre-movers)

    In our infant classes you will interact with your child through singing, nursery rhymes, tickle/touch activities, lap bounces, dancing, scarf play and percussion instrument exploration. All in a fun, safe, and age appropriate environment.

  • Tots & Toddlers (crawling-running)

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    The tots and toddler classes are designed to begin to develop your child’s musicality, as we sing songs, speak rhymes, clap, tap, wiggle and dance.

  • Piano Pals (Ages 3-4)

    This class is designed specifically to captivate the curiosity of our growing music makers. Our early childhood instructor will introduce fun and engaging activities to present basic music theory along with rhythm and pitch using roll out keyboards, xylophones, and other musical instruments that are sure to inspire and motivate.

  • Musical Explorers  (Ages 4-6)

    Gain a strong musical foundation and have a blast in a group environment! The Music & Movement class is created to prepare your child for success in private or group instrument lessons.


I just want to tell you how great Tony is. He is hands-down the best music teacher we have had at RMC. His activities are educational, engaging, varied and age-appropriate. He is well-planned and keeps things moving at a great pace. Tony gives every kid so much individual attention.... The adults have fun, the kids love it!

Erynn Wardwell

Love RMC. I have a special-needs toddler that attends their program. They have been amazing giving him attention and finding ways to teach him to love music. Amazing group!

Parent Review

It is a gift that RMC teachers are truly able to reach their students.  Jack wanted no part of piano lessons even though he loves playing the piano.  After just one lesson at RMC, he was beaming with excitement.  He was so excited that you understood him and how he learns, and that you had the ability to use those things to teach him what he needed to know. I'm sure that what you have done for Jack, you've done for many others.  Please never change! I'm positive it's why you get the results that you do with your students.  You give children the confidence to open up and try, even when they may not feel secure.

Parent Review

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Our musically-rich environment is ideal for nurturing your child’s brain to foster musical comprehension, coordination and expressive sensitivity, therefore developing her musical aptitude.