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    Lil' Rock Stars Camp   ZF-7198-80221-1-035   ZF-7198-80221-1-016

    Lil' Rock Stars Camp   ZF-7198-80221-1-035   ZF-7198-80221-1-016

    Lil' Rock Stars Camp   ZF-7198-80221-1-035   ZF-7198-80221-1-016

Welcome to Recreational Music Center (RMC)


RMC Studio Policies


Enrollment and Tuition

Recreational Music Center (RMC) offers open enrollment. You may register for lessons and/or classes at any time! If a student begins lessons during the middle of the month, RMC charges the monthly tuition on the first day that the student enrolls.
Tuition is paid in advance for all RMC lesson programs. Monthly tuition reserves a weekly lesson time within the studio. If you need to change the reserved weekly lesson time, we are happy to work with your schedule. Please call (619) 225-9597 or email info@rmcsandiego.org .

**For tuition rates and pricing click on the arrow next to "RMC Tuition Rates and Pricing" below.


For your convenience, we use automatic billing and invoicing to pay ongoing tuition while enrolled at RMC. Upon registering, you will be billed for one month tuition. Your credit card, debit card or ACH/Direct Deposit will then be billed on your date of enrollment thereafter. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, ACH (bank draft). Cash and check payments must be prearranged.

Student Absence and Make-Up Lessons

All cancellations received within the 24 hour lesson window are considered “late canceled.” Unfortunately, lessons late canceled or “no-shows” cannot be made up, nor will a tuition refund/credit be given. In the case of illness or emergency, please call RMC at your earliest convenience to schedule a Courtesy Make-Up Lesson. Notice of absence given to your instructor does not release your responsibility to notify the front office.

We understand that conflicts in your schedule may occur. RMC’s VIP Membership allows for up to 5 missed lessons per year without the added pressure to “find the time” for a make-up lesson (24 hour cancelation notice applies).

For those that wish to reschedule a missed lesson, we are happy to assist you as space is available. In order to be eligible for a Courtesy Make-Up lesson, the student/parent must call (619) 225-9597 or email RMC (info@rmcsandiego.org) at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled lesson. (Ideally, Courtesy Make-Up Lessons should occur within one week of the originally scheduled lesson).

In some cases, instructors may have limited availability due to busy schedules, so Courtesy Make-Up lessons are not guaranteed and may not be offered if unavailable.

Instructor Absences

Students typically receive instruction from the same instructor each week. Please note that you may have a different instructor from our team if your regular instructor is absent (such as illness or emergency). In the event of an extended absence (such as a community performance, tour, vacation, etc.) every effort will be given to notify you in advance, and a qualified instructor will be provided for consistency. RMC instructors work together as a team for the good of all our students!

Canceling a lesson due to a substitute instructor does not constitute an excused absence.

Withdrawal Policy

There are no long-term contracts at Recreational Music Center! To discontinue lessons and suspend automatic charges, please notify the front desk in writing (or email info@rmcsandiego). You may cancel your membership at any time but early cancellation fees may apply (fees are based on lessons received versus payments made at the time of cancellation. Example: If you have paid for 12 lessons but have received 15 lessons at the time of cancellation you will simply be responsible to pay for the additional 3 lessons already received at the per-lesson pricing).

Please note: Notice of cancellation given to the instructor only (verbally or otherwise) and non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from lessons. If no notice is given by the next scheduled monthly auto pay, the student/parent will be responsible for the next full month’s tuition. No refund will be provided nor credit issued.

Delinquent Accounts

Recreational Music Center reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations at any time.

If payment is not paid in a timely manner, Recreational Music Center reserves the right to charge the credit card on file for services/product(s) received.

Holiday Closures*
For your convenience, Recreational Music Center holiday/break closures are posted in several locations throughout our facilities. These closures have already been calculated as part of the monthly lesson fees. (See section below for closures)

*It should be clearly understood that although tuition is paid monthly, it is not calculated by the weekly lesson. Your monthly tuition remains the same each month even though some months will have 5 lessons and others as few as 3. Holiday closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate.

Required Lesson Supplies

RMC instructors will provide the student with a notebook at their first lesson.

Each student will need to bring the following to each lesson:

• Music method book(s) – the exact type of book(s) the student will need will be determined by their instructor at the first lesson.
• Woodwinds/Brass/Strings: An acceptable student/intermediate or professional instrument. If you do not have an instrument, please let us know. We are happy to assist you in obtaining a quality instrument for your student!

Child Safety

Please respect ongoing lessons by waiting quietly; no roughhousing is permitted in the studios or common areas. Enjoy small snacks or drinks in the hallway or lounge area in Studio 200 only. RMC nor its teachers are responsible for unattended students. RMC faculty are unable to supervise children waiting in the reception area before and/or after classes/lessons.

Policy Changes

Recreational Music Center reserves the right to change policies, fees, or waivers at any time.


RMC is not responsible for the safekeeping of personal belongings while attending lessons/class. Parents/legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from any activity conducted by the students before, during or after their lesson time.


1. Is my payment reduced or adjusted for holidays and closures? Why isn’t my November or December payment reduced?

Each VIP Membership is based on 45 lesson credits to use over 12 months (RMC is open 50 weeks a year). Your total yearly cost is divided into 12 equal monthly installments. Therefore, your November and December payments will be the same as every other month, even with an extended holiday break.

1. What if I need to change my schedule, cancel or add a class?

We understand that life gets busy and schedules change! We are happy to work with you to find the right fit! Every effort will be made to accommodate instructor and sibling requests on a space available basis.

2. What if I need to cancel a lesson for a personal, sport or school event?

Please notify the front office at info@rmcsandiego.org or call (619) 225-9597 at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson if you wish to reschedule. All Courtesy Make-Up Lessons are on a space available basis.

3. My school is on a holiday break, do I still need to show up for my lesson?

Although local schools may be on break, RMC is in session 50 weeks a year! Please see our Holiday Schedule for specific studio closures. All lessons are booked ongoing and the 24-hour lesson cancellation policy applies.

5. What’s the benefit of monthly fees?

Paying living and predictable wages to teachers enables RMC to attract AND RETAIN their very talented faculty and make for a better student experience. Your regular, consistent payments make it possible for us to offer regular, consistent pay to our teachers. We appreciate your continued support so that we may continue to raise the bar in music education.

*It should be clearly understood that although tuition is paid monthly, it is not calculated by the weekly lesson. Your monthly tuition remains the same each month even though some months will have 5 lessons and others as few as 3. Holiday closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate.


2017-2018 Holiday Closure Schedule


Recreational Music Center is open for music lessons all year long.
Here are the listed Holidays we are closed for lessons:

2017 Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day May 27-29
Independence Day July 1-4
Labor Day September 2-4
Thanksgiving November 20-25
Winter Break Dec. 23-Jan. 1

2018 Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day May 26-28
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day September 1-3
Thanksgiving November 19-25
Winter Break Dec. 24-Jan. 1


RMC Private and Group Tuition Pricing


Standard Private Lesson Rate (monthly auto pay):

30 Minute Lessons = $140 per month
45 Minute Lessons = $200 per month
60 Minute Lessons = $240 per month

“Book As You Go" Private Lesson Rate (lessons reserved on-line or booked/prepaid individually):

30 Minute Lessons = $36.50 per lesson
45 Minute Lessons = $52.25 per lesson
60 Minute Lessons = $63 per lesson

Early Childhood Group Classes (monthly enrollment reserved on-going):

Music Makers (Ages 0-3) = $40 per month
Pre-Schoolers (Ages 3-4) = $50 per month
Musical Explorers (Ages 4-5) = $75 per month



If the cost of tuition or any other financial obstacle prevents you from pursuing your musical passions, please Click Here



Check Us Out

Recreational Music Center (RMC) is located in San Diego's flagship destination for cultural arts - Arts District at Liberty Station. Parking is available on Truxtun Road or in the adjacent lot in front of the Von's shopping center. We offer lessons for ALL instruments including Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. For more information about lessons and classes please call or email us today: 619-225-9597.

We also offer Early Childhood classes for ages 0-4. To enroll in one of our Early Childhood classes please call or email us today619-225-9597


RMC was founded in 2009 by David and Leslie Gereghty

©2013 Recreational Music Center All rights reserved.

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