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Frequently Asked Questions about RMC


Q: Where are you located within Liberty Station?   icon_learnmore_36

   A: RMC's studios are inside of building 176 located on the corner of Roosevelt Rd and Truxtun Rd. Our building is on the opposite corner from the White Chapel and you will see our sign facing Roosevelt Rd. There is ample parking on the street in front of our building, in the back parking lot (entrance on Dewey Rd) or across the street in the Vons shopping center.


Q: Where do I go for my scheduled lessons?   icon_learnmore_36

   A: RMC currently occupies Studios 100 and 101 on the first floor of building 176 as well as studios 200, 201 and 202 on the second floor.

         - All Band Practices are held in Studio 100.         

         - Early Childhood classes are held in Studio 101.

         - Most of our private lessons take place in our main lessons Studio 200.

         - RMC's Office is in Studio 202.


Q: What do I need to bring to my lesson?   icon_learnmore_36

   A: We provide electric guitars, drums and pianos to use during your lesson. For all other types of instruction, please bring your own instrument to your lesson. Please remember to always bring your books, assignment notebook and any other accessories necessary for the day’s music lesson. If you are unsure, feel free to ask your teacher.



Q: How do I book and/or pay for lessons?   icon_learnmore_36

   A: Scheduling and paying for lessons can either be done on our website or arranged over the phone or via email: Cash or Check payments can be dropped off at the time of the lesson by coming to office in 202.


Q: Is there anyone in the office available to take payment or answer questions?   icon_learnmore_36

   A: Our main office in Studio 202 is open between 8am and 5:30pm Monday-Friday. We are reachable by phone 619-225-9597 or via email at



VIP and Private Lesson FAQ


Canellations, Make ups, Payments and other important questions/answers   icon_learnmore_36
Q: I have a conflict during my lesson this week, how do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

A: All lessons must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance by either emailing ( or by phone at (619) 225-9597 (you must notify the office; your instructor cannot cancel or reschedule your lesson). Each email or voice mail is time stamped- there is no need to follow up. Please Note: All Monday lessons should be canceled no later than Friday at 6pm. Please keep in mind other activities, practices and appointments when choosing a consistent time to schedule your ongoing lesson.

Q: Can I make up a missed private lesson?

A: Yes! We understand that our students and their families are busy and allow a flexible make up policy for our private lessons students. Cancellation requests received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled lessons are eligible for a make up lesson as space is available a week before or a week after the missed lesson. Make up lessons are not guaranteed and unused lessons do not carry over to the following month.

Q: I can’t make up a lesson at any of the times you have offered. Will my monthly fee be adjusted?

A: No. As a reminder, RMC private lessons are appointment based. Your VIP membership payment reserves your chosen date and time ongoing with one predictable low cost monthly payment regardless of how many of your lessons were attended. Reminder- this payment does not increase with 5 week months. Please keep in mind other activities, practices and appointments when choosing a consistent time to schedule your ongoing lesson. Unused lessons do not carry over to the next month and make up lessons are not guaranteed.

Q: Why do I have to give 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule my lesson?

A: By providing 48 hours notice of a planned absence, RMC can continue to offer a highly flexible makeup policy with increased time slots available for other students wishing to reschedule their missed lessons. Providing 48 hours notice assists the front office staff in maintaining accurate room assignments as well as assisting the instructors in planning for their upcoming weekly lessons.

Q: There is a holiday closure on my scheduled lesson day. Will my monthly fee be adjusted?

A: RMC studio closures have been calculated into our low monthly membership rate! RMC reserves your personal preferred weekly lesson time ongoing and does not adjust the flat rate monthly payments regardless of how many of your scheduled lessons were attended during the calendar month. This includes holiday closures as well as 5 week months.

Q: How do I cancel my VIP Membership?

A: VIP Memberships are charged on the 1st day of the month. Cancellations must be received in writing by the 25th of the month by emailing or by completing a lesson termination notice at the front office. Notifying the instructor of cancellation does not cancel the membership or release the student from liability of payment. There are no refunds given once the auto payment has processed.

Q: What happens if I am sick?

A: Please call (619) 225-9597 at your earliest convenience to notify the office of your planned absence. You will be given options to schedule a makeup lesson within a week of the absence based on instructor availability. Reminder: Unused lessons do not carry over to the next month.

Q: What happens if my instructor is out?

A: When an instructor is out sick, on a vacation or has an emergency, RMC will provide a well-qualified instructor/substitute to teach all scheduled lessons for that day. RMC believes that everyone can benefit from a second opinion and views a substitute instructor as a great source of feedback and a new perspective! Therefore, cancellations made by a student due to instructor absence will not be financially credited if the student chooses not to attend. If the student’s lesson is unable to be reassigned to a substitute, RMC will contact the student for makeup or rescheduling options.

***RMC instructors are active participants in the music scene! From time to time, RMC instructors may participate in various performances on the local as well as national level. In the event of an extended absence, students will be informed in advance and a well-qualified instructor/substitute will be assigned until the instructor returns.

Q: Does RMC follow a school calendar?

A: No. RMC students travel from many areas and school districts for their lessons, therefore, RMC does not follow a school district calendar. RMC studio closures are:


2018 Holiday Schedule:

Memorial Day                   May 27-29
Independence Day           July 1-4
Labor Day                         September 1-3
Thanksgiving                    November 19-24
Winter Break                    Dec. 22-Jan. 2


Q: How do I use funds for my charter or home school to pay for my lessons or classes?

A: Please submit your PO’s or Certificates to

All charter/home school lessons and classes are booked ongoing and follow the same pricing, cancellation and payment policies as VIP Memberships. All certificates are due on the 1st of the month and cancellations must be communicated in writing prior to the 25th of the month to avoid being charged for scheduled lessons. A valid credit card must remain on account and is subject to charge if payment is not received by the 10th of the month.


Group and Foundation Class FAQ


Group Class Questions/Answers   icon_learnmore_36

Q: My friends want to join a group class but they don’t have music experience. Can they join an RMC group experience class?

A: Yes! Our group classes are designed to introduce the joy of making music to everyone, regardless of their previous musical experience! We invite new participants to enroll at the beginning of each month. You do not need to be signed up for private lessons to enroll in most of our group classes!

Q: Does RMC offer make ups for group and foundation classes?

A: No, most RMC group and foundation classes are offered once a week and have a limit on the number of participants due to instruments and materials being used. Foundation class students are encouraged to practice assignments in their lesson book. Group experience students- don’t worry! Your class was designed with the recreational music maker in mind! Your teacher can assist you where you left off in your next class session.

Q: Will I get a refund for any group or foundation classes that I missed?

A: No, your low-cost, flat rate monthly fee reserves your space in the class of your choice regardless of the number of classes you attended.

Q: Can I schedule a private lesson to make up for a missed group or foundation class?

A: No, private lessons cannot make up for a missed group class experience. Foundation class students may email their instructors to find out their missed assignment or continue practicing in their lesson book. Group experience students, please come ready to participate at your next scheduled class! Your teacher and fellow participants will help you with anything you missed!

Q: I have a class conflict coming up, can I “freeze” my enrollment?

A: Foundation classes are booked and purchased as a session, so please make sure you are available to attend a majority of the scheduled classes to get the most out of your musical experience.

Group classes are designed to be extremely flexible! To cancel your group class enrollment, simply send a written cancellation notice to by the 25th of the month. When you are ready to jump back in, simply re-enroll at the beginning of any month! (Specific enrollment deadlines may be found online and on the fall schedule).


Check Us Out

Recreational Music Center (RMC) is located in San Diego's flagship destination for cultural arts - Arts District at Liberty Station. Parking is available on Truxtun Road or in the adjacent lot in front of the Von's shopping center. We offer lessons for ALL instruments including Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. For more information about lessons and classes please call or email us today: 619-225-9597.

We also offer Early Childhood classes for ages 0-4. To enroll in one of our Early Childhood classes please call or email us today619-225-9597


RMC was founded in 2009 by David and Leslie Gereghty

©2013 Recreational Music Center All rights reserved.

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