LLELA Nature Preserve In Lewisville TX

LLELA Nature Preserve is a nature preserve in Lewisville, TX. LLELA was established in May 1995 and contains over 600 acres of protected land along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. This area is known for its high-quality natural resources and is home to various species of plants and animals.

In May 2013, I went on a hike at LLELA Nature Preserve with my family. We started out from the visitor center and followed the trail across a boardwalk that led us into some wetland areas with dense vegetation. The trail then took us past an observation deck that offered a great view of the marsh/swampy areas where you could spot all kinds of wildlife looking for food or shelter including turtles, snakes, frogs, cranes, and alligators. We then followed the trail which led us to a wooden bridge that took us over some marshy areas and back into the woods on the other side.

Near the end of this hike, we were able to go down some stairs and under an elevated section of boardwalk where we saw several types of flowers growing wild as well as what appeared to be a bee hive hanging from one of the trees – I quickly moved past these areas, but if you like bees you may enjoy seeing them up close! Going further up another set of stairs brought us into an open area with a large pond in it with a wooden deck surrounding it.