Lewisville TX

Lewisville TX is a city in the state of Texas. It is home to about 65,000 people. It was created around three lakes, Lake Lewisville, Mountain Creek Lake and Lake Dallas which supply drinking water for several cities in this area including Lewisville. In fact, the water from these lakes makes up most of the city’s trademark fountain shows at its Water Park or Frontier Days Festival. Downtown Lewisville also features an amphitheater where visitors can watch plays and concerts throughout the year.

The city is well known for its low crime rate and friendly citizens who will always welcome you to their town with open arms when you visit. The average life expectancy here is around 80 years old roughly so there are plenty of older folks around but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of young families either. It is, for the most part, a peaceful place to live and raise a family.

There are several large companies headquartered here including DART Aerospace , Sleep Number Beds and V3 Retail Technology Inc . However, there are several retail stores that have their headquarters or distribution centers in this city too such as GameStop Corp and Dressbarn .

Overall, there is a lot of history here as well as several interesting facts that most people don’t know about this town. The schools are great and there are lots of activities to partake in for those who enjoy outdoor recreation including boating, fishing and many others. It’s a nice place to live and raise a family… you will make a lot of friends here too!